Can You Help With A Contribution?

The Placer and Sacramento County Business Network does incur some minimal costs for things such as yearly Domain Name (Approx. $15-$20 / year), the Meetup Group which is $99/6 Months, and misc optional promotional materials (minimal but approximately $50/year, give or take).

Initial Money Spent to Start this Group on 5/22/2021 Include

Meetup.Com for 6 months at Startup Discount of 50% = $49.47

Domain Registration Fee for 1 year = $18.98

500 Group Business Cards = $21.16

Total = $90.11

Up Coming Renewal Fees Due
(Subject to change from the providers)

Domain Name Due 5/23/2022 – $18.98

Meetup.Com Due 11/22/2021 – $98.94

Total = $117.92


Please check with your tax advisor to find out if your contributions are tax deductible or not.

You are NOT required to contribute anything at any time, for this group but anything you can give will help spread the cost out among the contributors.

The best way to contribute would be cash or check at the meetings (please ask who to make the check payable to at the meeting. You decide how much to contribute and when, but with current membership numbers, $10-$15 per 6 months would really help. Any surplus would be used to cover future expenses. This page will display the amount of contributions received and names will not be listed.

If you wish to use a credit or debit card via PayPal, please Click Here. Be advised that PayPal charges processing fees which can lower the amount collected from your intended amount.