Group Guidelines

We like to go by the principle that we are all adults and can conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner. The following tips will help to insure we all achieve that.

• Manage your own time. If you need to come late and/or leave early, that’s fine.
• Please checkout our “Terms of Use” Page as well.
• Be positive and supportive of each other, and don’t embarrass anyone.
• Keep your language and behavior appropriate for all ages.
• Stay quiet while others are presenting or doing their commercial
• Help grow the group by not only inviting others, but RSVP on Meetup
• Schedule 1:1 meetings with other members to get to know each other and learn about each other’s business.
• Appropriate Attire – Dress as you’d want your prospective clients to see you. This could be anywhere from a suit and tie or dress to your business logo apparel. You make the call.
• Have Fun!

Remember, people are more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust. Don’t expect to show once, drop and collect cards and make a sale. When possible, refer and/or do business with other members remembering that not everyone needs what we offer but they likely know people that do!