(We’ll start and end on time)

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Note: Instead of doing business card handouts around the table like many groups do, we think it makes more sense to approach people during the open networking time, get to know them and exchange cards. This will help build relationships,  and encourage 1:1 meetings. It also saves time in the meetings as well as a lot of wasted business cards!

9:15  – 9:30  – Open Networking and preparations for the meeting
9:30  – 9:35  – Meeting kickoff and announcements
9:35  – 9:45 – Member Presentation of the week if scheduled
9:45  – 10:15  – Individual Commercials / Elevator Pitch (About 1 Minute)
10:15 – 10:30 – Wrap-up
10:30 – Open Networking

(In order to be fair and make sure each person gets a turn to share their commercial, we will have a timer so please wrap up quickly if you have been notified that your time is up).

 * * * Quiet while others are speaking is appreciated by all * * *