Weekly Speaker Series Schedule

We are always seeking speakers to do a 10 to 15 minute presentation at our meetings. There are only two main requirements to be a speaker.

1) While this can be about your business, it may not be your extended “Sales Pitch”. The information should be useful to all business owners. If you have skills, knowledge or expertise in an area outside of your business that will be valuable to other business owners, that’s great too!

2) You must be an attendee to our group. We want to know you! Showing up to do a presentation at your first visit is not an option. We take signups at our group meetings at which time you can pick an open slot to give your presentation.

Here is the current speaker lineup for the remainder of 2021

Date Speaker Topic
12/8/2021 Dr. Mark LeMay DCN, ACN Immune Talk
12/29/2021 Aaron Robinet Trigger Points Talk